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Venus has just strutted into Leo, 3.30 today AEST until August 6th; 25 days of magnificent mojo coming up...

Venus loves a bit of self expression -whether romantic, creative, artistic etc and Leo is all about this; especially if there's a bit of show-off, performance, drama queen energy involved!

In her capacity as goddess of love, Venus in Leo wants her romance gloriously passionate, extravagantly attentive and fully acknowledged (we're talking grand declarations) by everyone involved. Subtlety and elusive games -not so much. The lovely thing about Leo in love is a truly authentic emotional warmth, lots of cuddly, demonstrative physical affection and beautiful, enduring loyalty. When Leo loves, Leo really means it and expects the same in return, which is fair enough.

So it's the season for lovers to front up and lavish one another with the kind of devotional romantic worship we know we deserve. And luckily, Mars recently charging forward in sexy Scorpio brings the kind of confident, passionate libido we need to enlist to make this happen. Let's be brave, romantically generous and love with our best, open-hearted, hot-blooded authenticity yes?

And Venus rules beauty and fashion, and I have one word: bling! In Leo we dress the hell up -think glamour, shiny everything, big jewellery (fake/real whatever-but gold is best), animal print, feline/luxurious fabrics, bold perfume (or animal musk) and, obviously, big hair! The Leo beauty confidence is all about the locks, whether its all primped and glossy, teased to high heaven or wildly untamed -extravagant hair is like a life force for Leo...

And Venus rules art and creativity. So first of all we do wildly confident, brazenly authentic self expression and fuq it if it's too OTT for the world-we love standing out from the crowd with our best iconoclastic moxy. And we also know how to self-promote with a seriously unapologetic self belief-if we're good at what we do the world's gonna know about it! And to this extent it really comes down to raw talent. It's time to figure out where our genuine creative gifts lie and get to work being damn GOOD at it no matter what. No excuses, let's do our best huh?

I think we can all agree our perfect muse here is the incandescent Amy Winehouse. Spectacular talent, the guts to get up and belt it out, massive hair, wildly demonstrative in love (her husband's name tattood on her chest-hello) and she actually was a true Venus in Leo superstar (no surprise).

Let's be courageous about who we truly are, strut our stuff, love with unbridled passion, be creatively uncompromising ...and have some fun with it!

Happy Venus in Leo x

top Image: Mario Sorrenti

left hair Image: Richard Avedon for Pirelli

right hair image: Amy Winehouse-Venus in Leo, big hair, extraordinary talent, everything.

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