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Mars forward in your biz sector and a New Moon in your day job sector on the 4th makes for a most professionally energising July.

Mars backwards in your biz sector recently has been more about you in stealth mode; quietly, patiently scheming the next strategy than any kind of immediate or obvious professional advancement. So worth it, as you are about to discover:

Mars finally forward in July (yay!) energises your driving ambition, and the more you’re busting with an impatient lust to succeed-right now, thank you very much-the more you are thrilled that you have already done the background preparation, and set up some kind of workable game-plan/biz-structure/vocational intention to work with. The fact that you have backed yourself, and set yourself up to succeed in advance (even if it was frustrating at the time) is going to serve you no end this month. And if you have been too busy sooking over thwarted ambition recently (lol) and not exactly prepped for the momentum of July? That’s ok-but best hop to it right now and get some productive work ethic on pronto, yes?

And the New Moon of the 4th in your day-job sector is so helpful re this! You tune into your most genuine, rocking talent and believe in it. You get savvy about dressing for success, looking the part and shmick, effective, looking-good-on-the-job spunk.

Not to mention charm-you get that schmoozing, being nice to the right people and harmonious discourse with colleagues/the boss/clients whatever can make all the difference to getting ahead. And intelligence-you can fully rely on your famously fierce intellect/high principles/ethical backbone and clever communication skills right now; people take you seriously at work because your integrity speaks for itself. Nice.

And if any tedious old poverty consciousness/limiting beliefs around money have been holding you back recently- pffft, the lucky Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your shared resources sector is taking care of that. In any biz negotiations your financial self-worth is now set at nothing less than abundant, with an eye to future fiscal independence. Good.

And love picks up considerably with Venus into your love sector from the 12th, where your romantic mojo sparks back up and you attract a better class of romantic attention from your existing lover, or if single any lovely new contenders on your radar. Flirt it up from mid-month onwards, for best results…

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