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So the May scopes, coming up soon, talk about just how many goddamn planets are travelling retrograde right now. It's like every aspect of our lives are in slo-mo, one-step-forward-three-steps-back frustration mode. It's character building, long-term strategy time for sure...

And tomorrow, 3.19am AEST is Mercury retrograde in Taurus until May 22nd...

The god of wit, ideas and breezy communication backwards in the most earthy, literal-minded sign of all?

I mean Taurus doesn't like to crap on with fancy dialogue at the best of times, it's more about action speaks louder than words; so here Mercury has to adapt to walking the talk rather than just talking it, and so do we. It's all about showing up, and being very tangibly, physically present for every interaction; and if we are going to put out some intention/desire to commune with someone -we better bloody well mean it!!

It's classic thinking carefully before you speak astro. And of course the retrograde energy means we revisit old agreements/conversational dynamics/verbal commitments (or lack of) and feel free to revise them! Let's take this chance to re-consider how we've been dealing with certain scenarios/relationships/people in our lives, and carefully work a better, more straightforward, pragmatic and fulfilling version of relating in the coming month.

But of course the retrograde energy is also high-level potential for tricky misunderstandings, crossed wires, misread txts etc, and butting heads on obstinate matters of principle-which may or may not serve the integrity of our relationships? The tension between the urge to speak our mind with determined clarity (in any situation), and carefully holding back, whilst observing the subtlety of longer term dynamics playing out with time; is an interesting dilemma for many of us right now.

And the usual caution applies to signing contracts/telecommunication snafus/and especially any major purchases-especially real estate, musical equipment or (funnily enough) home furnishings apply. If you put off major decisions in these areas until late May, so much the better...

So let's vibe zen-mindful, slow down and really take the time to listen to the bodily wisdom otherwise known as gut-instinct on all decisions and personal transactions for the moment. Madly impetuous moves based on impatience are so not our groove right now; it's absolutely worth it to take the time to think long term and get it right instead!

Important info is incoming right now and for the coming month; but it might take time to read the signs correctly... be wise about this, yes?

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