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Image: Myrna Loy, Paris 1960, by Edouard Boubat.

Full Moon in Scorpio coming up, 3.23pm April 22nd AEST.

Full Moons tend to release any emotions that have been building up during the month, and especially the really pent up feelings can sometimes can come bursting through quite dramatically-hence the whole howling at the Full Moon thing. And the Scorpio Full Moon can be particularly volatile in this regard; it's like our annual big chance to get in touch with our real desires and primal emo truth-the good, bad, ugly and wonderfully, wildly satisfying to express-ready or not!

And this Moon is also conjunct bitch goddess Lilith, who aint remotely interested in fuqing around with inauthentic crap-she wants to get her teeth into the nitty gritty reality of whatever's going down and apparently, this week so do we...

And explosive Uranus is also hanging around here, so we're not only seeking radically honesty, but also free to swing between several thousand drastically different instincts per minute; and forced to be quite open-minded and emotionally flexible re this.

Love, personal emotional well-being, family and domestic scenarios and, yes, sex (this is Scorpio) are all about to be laid bare, the better to connect with a more empowered and genuine way of doing things. Let's watch our moods, and instinctive reactions to even the most minor of triggers this week; they're trying to reveal what really matters to us right now! Once we're that bit more aware of our true needs and priorities at this point, we've no choice but to walk our talk re this; and vibe as emotionally congruent as possible in any given scenario.

It's actually quiet grounding, and calmative to admit and deal with our more intense emotional necessities as they rise up-rather than run around in circles trying to dodge our feelings with (let's face it) crappy avoidance strategies like booze/denial/manipulative power-tripping/intellectualising everything out of existence.

Let's be brave instead, and gleefully own our fiercest needs/ambitions/attitudes/appetites/genuine limbic desires and yes- our biggest vulnerability around whether any of these things are going to be adequately fulfilled anytime soon(?) or whether we have to stay strong and resilient whilst we wait for satisfaction with time. I mean Mars and Pluto, Scorpio's patron planets, are retrograde for a few months yet; so some of us are releasing attachment to immediate gratification, and courageously remaining in emotional integrity even whilst certain scenarios are taking their time to clarify (ps-it's all coming together by August). Now that's fierce personal growth, if you ask me!

Meanwhile, let's howl happily at the Moon and enjoy our own emotionally primal truth on our own terms tomorrow. Happy Full Moon x

ps, if you're looking for some Full Moon eve inspiration, here's a link to a cool doco re my fave ever chick; the wonderful Vali Myers. She sure as hell lived her truth no matter what- whether she was doing dark, self destructive shizz in her early Paris days, or mysterious pagan witchy magic/doing it tough surviving sans cash and feeding her animals in her remote Italian mountain home, and ultimately dancing, making art and living to the fullest positive potential of life she meant every minute of it-she's my Full Moon Muse for sure ...

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