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Those of you who have been been following the Vikings will recall how Ragnar, after trying in vain to sack Paris with nothing but his usual brute, overwhelming force pulled back and tried a different tack recently. Calling on his more wily nature, he hatched an elaborate plan to feign defeat, play dead and make his way into the city in a coffin. From which he, of course, later sprung free and got his claws into the golden city from within. Not that I fully understood this weird plot-line (lol); but I'm going to use it as a metaphor for warrior god Mars pulling back, retrograde from April 17th until late June anyway...

Wherever we have been banging away, recently, trying to force our biggest desires to come true already, Mars direct in gung-ho Sagittarius has been egging us on; if we only push harder, take more brazen risks -impress the gods with our sheer, fearless bravado we'll get what we want asap-surely!! And Sag is impatient, so boy do we rage and throw god-awful tantrums when we don't get it on time! But Jupiter, the boss of Sag, is battling with time-lord Saturn this year- so we are being forced to deal with a more slow, steady progress than we would ideally prefer. Not to mention Jupiter is in Virgo, where details/intelligent strategy matter. Frustrating, perhaps?

Cue Mars retrograde for the next few months. This is always a brilliant opportunity to slow down and re-think our appetites; are they healthy, do we really want what we think we want, or is it just greedy instant gratification? And once we discover the true nature of our genuinely healthy desires- we re-think how we're going to make them happen. Our approach becomes more subtle, mindful, sneaky (if necessary??), strategic and about patiently preparing ourselves for the right opportunity...

This sort of thing doesn't swing so easily in impetuous Sag; so we're fighting a bit against our own bolshie cravings for the moment-which is character building, yes? But once Mars retrogrades back into foxy Scorpio (from May 28th), we will have a much better, primal handle on biding our time until the the perfect moment to strike on that which is truly important-and realistic.

Ooh yeah. We have so much fierce, passionate mojo building up, about where we want to be/who we want to be/who we want to hook up with/which enemies we want to vanquish/which challenges we want to conquer over the next several months; and the more we identify which of these objectives are real, legitimate, integral goals- the more we're bloody well determined to make them so!

Very good-if you can go look within, tune in to your best, true lust-for-life desires, plot an intelligent strategy and give your current scenario some time to bring them to fruition... the next few months will be slowly but surely most rewarding.

A few pieces of strategic advice for April 17th-June 29th:

Anyone who initiates hostilities/picks a fight during this time will most likely end up losing out, and anyone who is the recipient of someone else's aggro will find a way to win out, in the end. Something to think about- don't go on the attack, initiating lawsuits, emotional offensives against whoever isn't coming thru for you (yet) or starting an argument for cheap thrills- aint gonna work! But if someone comes at you with a combative attitude- hold your ground with integrity and you will prevail.

Also this astro is when Men, particularly, tend to pull back and hide out in their man-caves: or wherever the fuq it is they hang out when they don't feel like 'dealing with it' during this transit. Men may be off somewhere emotionally/physically inaccessible, brooding and planning their next sexual/romantic/professional offensive-so if you are trying to chase one of these elusive creatures and they're being-well, elusive? Maybe give him time to come back with renewed enthusiasm for connecting with you-once he figures out what that even means? Or it could be that certain conversations with a man in your life need to be re-negotiated with careful, insightful subtlety-and together you will figure out whatever went awry way back when, untangle old emotional knots and bring things back to balance with time? Once your man has done his introverted thing; he might come back at you with renewed intention when the time is right...

Patience, careful planning, lurking in the gym/on the yoga mat/hiking in nature/finessing our master biz plan etc and building up our physical and psychological strength for the next big thing is our friend for the coming months. Let's clarify some positive intention re this over the next few days, in time for Mars retrograde from the 17th.

Images: The Vikings

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