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So the rare and auspicious Jupiter/Destiny Point in Virgo action has been going strong for the last few months; and will remain active until June. And just to put this into perspective, these guys only hook up once every several years and the last time they did it in your sign was 37 years ago! So a very special opportunity is upon you, to awaken to your life purpose, no less!

This is all about the sense of well being that comes from fearlessly following your gut instinct in all things; and thereby awakening to your vocational purpose/spiritual calling more than ever. And getting your groovy moxy on, walking around with a kick in your step and living like you mean it. No self-effacing, wallflower Virgin cliché here, you are rockingly authentic and relevant and you know it! Pluto in your self-expression sector says you’re so hot, why the fuq wouldn’t you believe in your own power right now??

So yah, you’ve been making superb progress lately; and March reveals how your new improved relationship with self is being mirrored in your unfolding relationships with your best loved ones. Chiron the wounded healer in your partnership sector is triggering a brilliantly productive healing crisis, where you wade through the ghosts of love past and weed out old stories you no longer need cluttering up your romantic psyche. The better to hone in on today’s love prospects with real emotional congruence, and be totally present for whatever is going on at this point.

If love is happening, you only want the real-deal soulmating journey; a love which is pulsating with exquisite, idealised spiritual communion but also works on a sustainable, practical, nurturing level –and to your credit, you don’t mind doing the nitty-gritty emotional work to make it so. And if you’re travelling solo for the moment, you are conquering any crap, unnecessary emo wounding around that (dumb rejection issues/angsty when will it happen etc), the better to march forward, thrive on your terms and live fully no matter what your love status (which is such a turn on for any mysterious admirers hanging around)…

The New Moon Solar Eclipse of the 9th and Venus in your love sector provide ample inspiration, flirtation and (maybe!) some wow-factor, good-looking contender for thy heart…

Image: Isaac Lindsay by Robert John Kley.

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