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We are under the rays of an Aquarius New Moon Eclipse today; exact 1.38 this morning AEDT so we have hopefully all woken up with a zingy, fresh new attitude this morning, and ready to keep the positive Qi flowing for the rest of the month...

New Moons are always a blast of clean, clear new emotional perspective and especially an Eclipse; where we download powerful new cosmic possibilities. And especially in Aquarius, where we have the gift of detached perspective and a more innovative, open minded approach to whatever we happen to be feeling.

And we're feeling quite a lot, actually, what with Uranus (boss of Aquarius) pricking the bubble of bitch Lilith's primal, hear-me-roar need to express every single unacknowledged emotion we've apparently ever felt in our whole lives, lol. And randy Mars in Scorpio saying I want what I want and I want it Now or else! And Venus not long off a hungry, romantically lustful rendevouz with Pluto so our appetities are whetted for deeper, more satisfyingly primal emo connections in our lives...

Thank goodness for the Aqua Moon, then. This is prime time to score a moment of raised consciousness and healthy clarity about any obsessive tendencies we've been struggling with of late. We get to understand ourselves, and our own motivations (not to mention everyone else's) that much better, own our shizz and make more coherent choices based on that. Feels better already, huh?

So now we can reclaim any energy we've been sinking into mad desire drama, and harness it toward constructively liberating goals for the next chapter of our lives... I mean don't forget the fabulously future oriented Jupiter/Destiny Point action is still active so we want to keep working with long term success schemes, yes? Let's keep our eye on the ball of what really matters!

Happy New Moon x

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