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"Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun. Shine on you crazy diamond." Pink Floyd

I bet you’re feeling more excited than usual about being you right now. Like you’re totally plugged into a sense of your own destinal path, and a willingness to take a risk on being your best self no matter what, and you like it!

This is all about lucky, expansive, positive Jupiter conjunct the Destiny Point recently in your sign, and it’s such a beautiful thing. Your instincts about who you are in the world and what you came here to do (same thing) are so wonderfully clear.

Between now and June all manner of synchronous events around you, and intuitive insights on your part guide you forward toward your best, awesome future, and you profitably keep the faith in this process. Yes, you are riding a wave of uber confidence about where you’re heading in life, which is brilliant -keep rocking on, lucky one, you are on the right track, one way or the other.

Meanwhile your interpersonal dynamics are tres tetchy- but this can work! Lilith/Uranus has you fiercely protecting your right to do your own thing, unencumbered by anyone’s expectations; so for anyone who’s out to judge you or mess with your groove it’s showdown time, where you either get Respect Now or you storm off in a huff- no ifs and buts.

But more importantly, you just love the people who can embrace you on your own terms, and unconditionally support your shining, unique personal mojo, and they adore you right back for appreciating them so much –it’s a beautiful thing!

Unconditional, unconventional, forthright authenticity in all connections rocks your world right now-and you’ve got forthright Mars in your comms sector to prove it. Yes, there is potential for weird, emo romantic misunderstandings (thank you Neptune), especially around the Full Moon of the 23rd; and the only solution is to speak up, when necessary, to clear the air. Don’t wait around for someone else to do it; clear self-expression is your gig at this point, yes?

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