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“Speak in extremes, it'll save you time. ” ― David Bowie

Your ruling planet, Uranus, is pretty bolshie and fuq-you to the system/petty bourgeois conventions at the best of times, and in opposition to Bitch Lilith this month is not exactly soothing your rebellious soul. Oh no. You’re arced up and ready to smash some outdated paradigms- even if they’re only the ones in your own head.

Liberated thinking frees you from any tiresome old ideas that may have been holding you back (obviously), and leads to liberating choices; including the choice to speak more clearly and directly at all times. I mean being who you are you would much rather shock and awe someone with your latest blast of genius/conspiracy theory/whatever than endure any dreary small talk. Yes, and you have a free pass to speak your mind this month- you’re gonna love it!

Meanwhile, the Jupiter/Destiny Point situation in your sex/money sector is a blast of fresh confidence in the power of:

  1. Meaningful, future oriented love/sex/deep personal connections that will unfold and enrich your life for many years to come…

  2. Audacious new biz schemes/shared enterprise that will grow more lucrative with time; if you’re willing to take a risk on your financial gut instinct now…

Yes, it’s all coming together by June 2016, so in the meantime keep moving forward as best you can; because Mars is egging you on to chase up your dreams and think big, love big and live that much bigger than usual these next 6 months. The Aqua New Moon of the 9th provides some much needed inspiration/clues re this and the moxy to make it happen. Don’t go holding back now!

“Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming” ― David Bowie

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