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The really big astro coming up is lucky Jupiter on the magical Destiny Point, it’s all about grabbing a hold of abundant, expansive future possibilities and guess what? It’s happening in your sign!

So yes, you may have Chiron triggering certain ancient love wounds, where you realize old romantic pain belongs in the past (obviously); and you release that shizz by simply bringing a more positive, current, healthy attitude to any lover on the scene right now, or embracing your currently liberating single status. You realize there’s no point dragging old emotional demons into the Virgo happiness of today; and give thyself permission to construct a fresh, promising new attitude, basically.

And yes, you may have Saturn saying you can’t duck any reality checks coming up around the home base. You may have to tow the line re real-estate biz/paying the rent/honouring obligatory shizz with certain family members/co-habitants, but it’s going to make you feel way more grounded in the long run. Which is useful, as Neptune also has you chasing romantic rainbows; and its nice to have a solid sense of your own emotional ‘home’ base to help you to keep it real, and ground the siren song of ‘perfect love’ in your actual, tangible personal life.

And yes, you have Uranus shaking up any assumptions in your life about shared resources and tax/debt crap, and perhaps even confronting certain unreliable individuals re financial entanglements. But Lilith says you take no crap re this - if anyone does try to mess with your money mojo, boy do you arc up! You’re savvy about cash and you know it, and you’ll defend your right to thrive no mater what. So there.

Your instincts about how to best follow your own bliss, and dive into a whole new, expansively joyful chapter of your life are crazy sharp right now; so you want to trust your gut as much as possible; especially when thinking long term plans and geographically wide open horizons. What you are really doing this year is tapping into the powerhouse that is your own sense of personal destiny. Lady luck has her eye on you, so it’s a great time to trust your own, gut-level hopes and dreams and go forth and prosper, yes?

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