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Early month is where you drill down on some financial reality in your life. The pursuit of independent wealth is like a primeval driving force for you right now, so you might as well harness that energy whilst it’s there. And I don’t just mean amassing coin for it’s own sake (although that can be a turn on?); it’s more about cultivating a source of income that allows you to live as much as possible on your own terms, and sans having to answer too much to anyone else. You do so prize your personal autonomy, after all, and function best with the fiscal freedom to do so. It’s also a wild time for all Virgo relationships. Wherever you are involved with another, part of you wants to throw yourself into it and surrender to the thrill of vulnerable entanglement and part of you wants to bolt-like a wild animal smelling a trap. This could play out in a passionate sex/intimacy thing, a committed partnership, familial ties and obligations, or a legally binding shared resources/someone else’s money/debt gig. You want to explore deeper connection but you also want to know you’re a free agent all the way. Interesting dilemma. What you really want to do is establish some sense of personal security first-like a solid home base/financial plan/genuine, healthy emotional grounding within yourself (thank you Saturn). And then you feel safe to open up to the vagaries of trusting another with your sensitive heart. The New Moon of the 11th is all about you seeking an emotional awakening via a magical, soul-mate style love affair in your life (thank you Neptune), and yes it could well be happening. Don’t be surprised if someone wonderful brings out the best in you this month, which is a beautiful thing. But you have to know thyself, to a certain extent, before you go there, yes?

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