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So macho Mars is now in elegant Libra, from 8.40am today(AEDT), until early January.

Mars is considered to be in 'detriment' in Libra; basically because Mars is supposed to epitomize the masculine principle, and is potentially too poncy in girly-girl Libra. I mean Mars is supposed to charge around fighting battles and getting stuff done, and Libra is far to polite a sign to accomodate Mars' lust for conquest, right?

But here's the thing; Libra is a cardinal (bossy) sign, and she of the famous iron fist in the velvet glove. Yes, the energy of Libra favours diplomacy and a civilized, gracious way of doing things, but behind that sweet, smile and persuasive good manners lies a will of steel that will prevail no-matter-


Ok, so Libra is painfully indecisive, it's true and easy distracted by pretty trinkets and definitely by a pretty face. But once Libra makes up their mind about their next battle/professional coup/creative achievement/sexual conquest it's game on! Libra will ruthlessly shmooze, lobby, coerce and collaborate with the right people, and gorgeously attired the whole time, until Libra basically gets their way. Mars loves this!

(I kind of think of this as the James Bond placement. I mean apart from the anachronisms, dodgy

So we get our Mars on with impeccable, beautiful manners, a keen sense of fairness and justic for all, immaculate grooming, devastating style, terrifyingly persuasive negotiation skills and the savviest of charm. All the better if we avoid main pitfall of this placement -passive aggressive snarling when we don't get our own way- let's rise above that one!

And of course Mars rules sex. We do it in a commited, respectful relationship. We do it after the

Let's stye it up, huh?

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