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VIRGO/VIRGO RISING It’s time to come to terms with the fact that you are a bone fide, hot-blooded, irresistible, gorgeous love machine, baby! The last time Venus and Mars hooked up (September) it was in your secrets sector and trickily retrograde; so as much as love was all magical/soul-matey for you back then, you felt you had to keep a lid on it and bury your romantic mojo somewhat under wraps? You might have been too busy at a meditation retreat/hiding out in introvert mode to give any lover on the scene your full attention? Not so now; this time round, the Mars/Venus romance action of early November is firmly in your sign, and you’re all over it! If partnered, you are loving up your main squeeze like a boss, making them feel like a million bucks and –of course-they adore you right back. Nothing like a bit of committed passion to rev up the marital mojo, yes? And if single you are now attracting the kind of attention you deserve due to your sheer native charisma, animal magnetism and sophisticated charm. Flirt much?? If a new object of desire turns up, you lure them toward your smouldering desire no problem. Your seduction technique is classy, intelligent (as always), persuasive, effective. And even if you’re not into romance right now, you are about lovely human connection of some kind. Friendships, social relations, familial bonds, creative/professional collaborations blossom and thrive this month; due to your interpersonal skills and loving intention. It’s a beautiful thing. And then there’s the Destiny Point in Virgo on the new Moon of the 12th. Your instincts re the future Virgo life direction/what really matters to you and how to achieve it are suddenly sharp as a tack. You are entering an 18-month period of getting your shizz together beyond belief. Get ready to get supremely goal oriented, huh? If in doubt, watch what kind of vocational/biz urges float to the surface on the Full Moon of the 26th/the potentially lucrative developments of the 30th. They are genius!

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