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AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING To the extent that, romantically, the Aquarius comfort zone is often a cerebral, mentally compatible, somewhat emotionally detached kind of scenario; early November is pulling you into a way more passionate, limbic, emotionally raw way of doing things. The first few days of the month could reveal a beautifully vulnerable, passionate new dimension to an existing love in your life, which is bound to grow in to a deeper connection as time goes on. Or if flying solo, now could be the time that you chance upon a crazy sexy, intense attraction with some mysterious new individual, to get your blood boiling and lure you into an intriguing new love story in your life. Yes, if you’re looking for a hook up it’s for sure more likely than usual in early November. And let’s face it, it probably has an overtly sexual vibe to it, but we’re not really talking about purely physical lust (unless you’re up for that kind of thing, in which case it could be exceptionally, smoking hot); it’s more likely a special connection with deeper layers of mutual fascination. And the potential for a real, meaningful emotional entanglement. Whether it’s with a usual suspect or someone unexpected, get ready to bring some raw, authentic feelings to the table, yes? And then the New Moon of the 12th is a great chance to re-calibrate your professional strategy. And the reason that biz/career is suddenly so important has to do with cash! Lucky Jupiter says there’s a whole lot of coin out there, and if you play your cards right you could get your hands on some of it –why not take advantage of lucrative opportunities whilst they’re there? And Chiron the healer in your income sector says you could do with a more savvy approach to how much you earn for whatever it is that you do. Decent recompense for doing something you actually believe in... it’s worth thinking about? And on that note, the Full Moon of the 26th is all about getting your creative juju flowing, for your own pleasure and professional growth. Work thy talent.

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