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VIRGO/VIRGO RISING Can you feel, in your bones, that something big is up, but can’t quite put your finger on what it might be? Can you feel the pull of kismet, directing yours movements toward spooky, right place/right time synchronicity; and your ‘gut’ instincts know this to be true but your rational mind hasn’t quite caught up yet? And is this mysterious magic disturbing your control-freaky equilibrium, or are you thrilled with the scent of as-yet-unknown possibilities? Here’s a clue: Love goddess Venus is in Virgo, and cooking up a rendezvous with her lover, Mars, also in your sign, by early November. So Destiny is stalking you, and doing her best to hook you up, romantically speaking. If you’re already in love, it’s about to get even more deliriously blissful than ever, and you obviously give your emotional all to loving up your lover –as you should, and they adore you right back! Or if single, you are way more statistically likely than usual to ‘accidentally’ meet someone gorgeous, and with sparks of mutual chemistry flying everywhere; this, my friend, could be a game changer! Now obviously these kinds of predictions are not going to be literal for every Virgo in town (although a fair few of you will be soulmating it up); but every Virgo can rightly feel significantly more confident about honouring the loved ones in their life. Whether it’s platonic/familial//sexy/ambiguous/whatever, you are focusing on the quality of all relationships in your life, and the satisfaction that comes from mindful, caring, loving human connection. Lucky Jupiter is in your sign, so you truly believe in taking a risk on an emotional generosity of spirit re this. Yes! And you also believe in your own free spirited, bolshie personal independence in the world. The New Moon of the 13th is where you arc up and focus on some personal goal close to thy heart, to do with establishing a firm foundation of financial/material/emo security that cannot be de-stabilized by the travails of interdependent entanglement. The paradox of loving fully, without throwing away your internal locus of power? It’s a hotbed of Virgo awesome, and you’re in it…

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