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When Venus enters your work sector on the 9th, its all stations go for cultivating some real, marketable talent in the workplace. You are suddenly reminded that you are naturally gifted, and really good at a specific, useful skill; and you’re either already plying your trade successfully via the day-job, or looking to be at the next opportunity, yes? And your ruling planet, Mars, meeting lucky Jupiter mid month is a brilliant, brash new attitude to getting ahead. Your daily routine is suddenly sodynamic! You’re hitting the gym/jogging track at first light, followed by a schedule of unstoppably fierce work ethic; not because you have to tow the line of some dreary, wage-slave obligation, but because you’re busy doing something so exciting and inspiring that you can’t wait to roll your sleeves up every day and get the hell into it! Or at least that’s the ideal. If you are already doing something you love with your time, October reminds you how lucky you are to be in such a position, which is always motivating. And if you’re bored with the current regime, you are closer than ever to figuring out how to leap into something brash, new and full of possibilities that better reward your labours. Trust thy instincts re this –however long it takes to manifest And then there’s love. Firstly, bitch goddess Lilith in your love sector says you are full of romantic moxy and taking no shizz. Whatever/whomever comes your way this month; you meet with an attitude of Bring it on! Challenge/scare/thrill/inspire me, but don’t bother if you’re not my equal in passion and mutual respect. Well ok then! The New Moon of the 13th clarifies all this. Somebody worthwhile is either coming at you (very likely, especially by early November), and you’re all over it; embracing the personal transformation that comes from hooking up/re-connecting with an emotional equal. And FYI, single Rams on the prowl are way more likely to hook up at work, the gym, picking up groceries on the way home –any of the mundane daily scenarios where you are not ‘looking’ is precisely where kismet is most likely to strike! Or not? If romance aint happening you don’t care –you’re way too busy strutting around conquering your own, personal goals, thriving and generally embracing your own fabulosity.

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