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The New Moon of May 1st, exact 6.28am AEST is a fresh perspective on our physical wellbeing, how we embrace our sensual pleasures and build material comfort & security for ourselves. And for all Taurus's reputation as a predictable/stable influence -this one is an unusually wild blast of inspo, to get things moving for the coming month:

This Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse, where the fresh insights coming at us are particularly poignant, to realise where we are ready to feel things more intensely than ever; and game-changing in terms of acting accordingly, with genuine emotional congruence.

Because it's bang on radical Uranus, so we may be surprised how crystal clear our instincts are -and the more we are true to what really turns us on, how much we end up getting our groove on way outside our comfort zone! This is brilliantly life affirming of course, if we keep it healthy or at least positively enjoyable like lush Taurus loves to do.

And ok, we are also easily triggered here, so we do want to watch doing weird shit just because we are blindly reacting to some provocation -know what I mean? The ability to be self aware, by really listening to our gut instincts & emotional intelligence on a tangible level is gold here.

Because the North Node of the Moon, aka the Destiny Point is also involved; trine a gorgeous, lucky Venus/Jupiter conjunction. On some spooky level, we are being called to meaningful new ways of doing things that are just so divinely delicious, fulfilling & rewarding.

Happy New Moon folks, this one is a cracker if we can handle the transformative power & keep it real x

Image: Cosmic Collage


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