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Ha ha, I saw this hilarious meme and couldn't resist...

Mars in Libra right now has dudes all peace & diplomacy-just chill out & keep it sweet. But with Venus in Scorpio & bitch goddess Lilith in complicated Gemini watch out, she's still brooding on the last stupid thing you said & aint letting it go!

Lol, had to share this just for fun. I mean actually Mars in Libra is quite lovely for romantic men to be charming & the women they love to reciprocate with passionate Venus in Scorpio, so it's a great time to connect.

But also we've been in retrograde season for a while with certain tensions brewing; and Mercury about to turn retro for weird misunderstandings syncing Venus in Scorpio-so some chicks could be kinda over it & tetchy, just so you know x

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