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Venus into Virgo from Sept 6th is your annual charisma upgrade; to shine with fresh beauty, talent, creative brilliance.

Also romantic allure & finessed relationship skills, which come in handy for the annual Full Moon in your love/partner sector, Sept 10th. And this is a spooky one, conjunct mysterious Neptune:

Could be the most blissful, magical soul-mating vibe. To connect with a partner in crime/true love who really understands your hidden depths, and alluring enough to keep you keen…

Maybe your lover/spouse is particularly sensitive to your needs, and mutual empathy has you fully tuned into one another? The force is strong, if you are with someone special you can trust to be your true self with-for a deeper connection than ever.

Or some fascinating attraction turns up with weird, perfect synchronicity? I mean if single/on the prowl Destiny could totally be at work here, to cross paths with someone promising-could be meant to be?

But also- Neptune blurs personal boundaries & can be headfuq tricky. So maybe you have weird misunderstandings with your partner, or too intertwined & need some healthy emotional space, to articulate your different points of view?

Or if a new flirtation or affair is slippery/avoiding clear communication-could be your warning to watch the fuq out for sneaky nonsense, right?

Also Venus in your sign square Mars, exact Sept 16th is a primo moment for any hot attraction action going on. The better to figure out the difference between healthy, mutual desire/sexual tension(which is so possible here), and brewing romantic dramas that need to be addressed?

Meanwhile Mars in a rare, extended tour of your career sector from August 2022 till March 2023. Your sense of vocational purpose is so fired up, on point for the next several months. And trine Saturn in your work/health sector right now; you have the fierce discipline to get your act together. With that clean, lean health regime you do so well, for the physical vitality to turn up every day, and work towards the goals that matter to you. How fab, motivated much?

And your ruler Mercury retrograde from the 11th, in your financial security sector opposite lucky, abundant Jupiter retro in your 8th house of financial entanglements/biz agreements/family money. So there could be wildly promising, profitable scenarios going on, where you need to trust your instincts & take an intelligent risk on something that feels so right. Yes. But also it pays to pay attention to the details here, double check the fine print with that scrupulous finesse you do so well-to avoid any tricky, Mercury retro misunderstandings or hare brained schemes, know what I mean?

Then the New Moon of Sept 26th, in your finance sector is opposite Jupiter in your 8th, just as Mercury retro conjuncts creative Venus in Virgo. Perfect to align very clear intentions, to work the fab money magic going on here. Also this is brilliant for clever, charming communication with your lover-they are so much more likely to be open to a positive, emotionally generous connection!

Image: Jean-Baptiste Mondino


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