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I’ve been saying for a while that you are the sign most likely to be relishing the key astro throbbing in the background of 2020–Saturn/Pluto/Jupiter ripping up our previous assumptions about life, with deep structural change to inspire a whole new, transformative way of living & thriving in the world…

And for many signs this has hit their base financial/survival reality or heavy interpersonal drama & bless, I’m sure you know some peeps right now who are struggling & could benefit from your cool, level headed support, mentorship/advice huh?

Because this astro is in your confident play/creative/talented self expression sector. So you are actually relishing the juicy, empowering energy of putting your most authentic self out there, with a keen eye to what you are good at & the brilliant work ethic to back yourself with shameless self promotion as required; but also being comfortable in your skin to effortlessly shine in the world just because it feels so good to be you right now! And this gets even better, with fab professional instincts by the Full Moon of the 30th.

And on that note the New Moon of the 15th in your ideas/comms sector has your clever ruler Mercury on board-where you so have the gift of the gab to connect with your crew with inspirational dialogue. I mean you love a chat, being such a verbally expressive creature (a polite way of saying you could talk the leg off a chair lol), and your genius opinions/networking skills are fully on point this month.

Which is also handy for Mars in your intimacy sector, moving direct on the 14th just in time for this New Moon. Because Mars retro recently may have revealed tetchy frustrations with your close loved ones/lovers/personal or biz financial entanglements. As in everyone’s desire nature is switched on & hungry to have their needs met/get passionate etc, & pretty riled up with the delayed or thwarted gratification vibe of Mars retro, maybe triggering certain power trips or arguments? Especially with the healer Chiron involved you’ve had to share vulnerable, maybe emotionally wounded space with certain people; which of course can be uncomfortable to the point of lashing out at one another even without meaning to?

So Mars direct from mid Nov is brilliant to pick up the sexy passion in your love life & also get any delayed financial/family negotiations back on track-its great to have your spunky, confident interpersonal skills on fire again! And the beauty of the New Moon involved here is finessing the language & subtle verbal cues, to negotiate the fresh dynamics going on with as much mutual understanding as possible –you love this!

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab picture.


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