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Venus in your biz sector from May 9th-June 3rd is your annual chance to shine professionally, by showing off your innate talent with shameless self-promotion, and shmoozy charm to get on with the people you work with and get ahead. Especially with your ruler Mercury & the Destiny Point involved you are a clever success machine, with a plan to chase long term career goals that really matter to you.

I mean Jupiter and Saturn in your work sector for the last year have been the tension between a persistent work ethic because job security matters; but also craving a meaningful gig that allows maximum freedom because frankly the tedious daily grind is cramping your style & fab lifestyle you’re working for in the first place. So that’s been interesting huh?

So maybe the New Moon of the 12th, in your Jupiter ruled adventure sector just as Venus conjunct the Destiny Point lights up your biz sector is where you nail it. In terms of cool instincts to chase the dreams that allow focused ambition & expansive personal growth at the same time-brilliant!

Then lucky Jupiter in your love sector from the 15th is a year ahead to feel good about the key relationships in your life. You want to love large & unconditionally as much as possible, and more likely to attract the same emotional generosity from your partner (or any exciting new attraction, if single) to enjoy good times together -sweet.

Or if you are feeling stifled by certain control freaks it doesn’t go so well, but gosh you’ve never felt so ready to cut loose & be free of them right? And enjoy the buzz of unrestrained self-determination, because you damn well can -ok then!

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