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Your ruler Mercury, retrograde recently has maybe had you questioning the Virgo life plan? So turning direct, in your adventure sector conjunct the Destiny Point from June 3rd is a great way to begin the month:

You get a fresh sense of actually being able to chase big, confident career/study/creative/travel plans & aspirations of yours; whilst finally getting your head around any details you need to get right, as you love to do.

I mean not that you’re a control freak or anything lol; just that when you embrace big decisions or expansive personal growth -you like to be classy about doing it extremely well. We love this about you of course, as the most inspirational sign to do your thing with proper, spunky finesse.

Then Venus conjunct Uranus, exact by the 12th in your adventure sector. Radical ways to work your creative talent to embrace fab opportunities in the world, with permission to be fully confident about it -such a turn on!

Especially Mercury fresh in your biz sector for the Full Moon of the 14th, syncing powerful Pluto in your talent sector and practical Saturn discipline in your day job/health sector. Feels like a chance to work any professional opportunities in lowkey, quietly confident stealth mode. You take the time to get your biz strategies right, for a lucrative and satisfying sense of accomplishment -whilst maintaining optimum physical/mental/emotional wellbeing as you go.

Because this Full Moon is in your domestic/personal life sector; so actually you are looking for the work/life balance to cultivate a happy home. Mid month is a lovely time to connect with your tribe/family/co-habs, to remember how much you really care about one another. Even if tricky feelings are coming up, so worth it to work at compassionate conversations to sort it out huh? And yes, this includes the Virgo love life:

Neptune in your partner sector brings natural empathy with your lover, for romance that is so exquisitely caring -with a spooky soulmate sense of reading each others moods & minds. Also spooky synchronicity, to do with fascinating new attractions or figuring out an enigmatic crush.

Of course this can also be shonky boundaries or a bit delusional, if you’re prone to fantasy scenarios, so want to watch that?

Because Mars conjunct Chiron in your sex/intimacy sector is wild, passionate intensity and healing vibes all mixed up…

Deep emotional intimacy, to feel closer than ever & fire up the chemistry you share? Even if you have to deal with any complex psycho/sexual issues, this could be just the astro to do so with gentle, effective mutual understanding. Especially with positive, trusting Jupiter involved this is a beautiful thing.

Or a hypnotically alluring attraction, and you just know you’re gonna get it on with wild abandon (thank you Jupiter), but also could be challenging fireworks as you go… So do watch being turned on by some potentially wounding entanglement, just for the dodgy buzz of drama-know what I mean?


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