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So Pluto unlocking your creative power, in your 5th house of talent and fun quality of life has been fabulous for the last several years. Like finding a pot of gold where you play with possibility & confident self-expression…to magically manifest what you desire.

And with Pluto into your home turf, the practical 6th house since March-maybe a sneak preview of applying the same empowering attitude; to clean up your act in terms of regenerative health regime & prosperous work ethic. You love this, of course and plenty of time to work this magic from this Feb, for the next 20 years!

Meanwhile, Pluto back into your 5th house recently, for the rest of the year. This month you plug back into the power source of creative play, showing off your brilliance and having a life-affirming good time…

Perfect to embrace the Full Moon of July 3rd, also in your 5th house:

Opposite Sun conjunct your ruler Mercury, in your social sector. Such a buzz -for stimulating conversation, creative collaboration, networking opportunities and connecting with the tribe & good friends who get what you’re on about.

Trine Jupiter, conjunct the Destiny Point in your expansive 11th house. Your wildest, notions of what you’re capable of suddenly feel so real. Maybe personal growth, chasing your visionary hopes & dreams with a positive attitude. Maybe some travel adventure is calling your name, to be explored whenever you’re ready?

Square Chiron in your 8th house of sex & emotional intimacy, and aspect Saturn in your partner sector. Especially with Lilith/Venus/Mars conjunct, in your soul sector -mysterious mating season is upon you.

You are exquisitely attuned to the subtle cues from your lover, to heal any issues and bond on a deeper level. Mutual empathy and unconditional love is a thing. A kind of soulmate level of connection, where you appreciate the magical, promising attraction that brought you together in the first place.

Also if either of your wounded dramas become too demanding, or tricky relationship patterns are revealed? You navigate this with emotional intelligence and clear boundaries.

Then Mars into Virgo, from July 10th is brilliant of course. A rush of physical vitality, personal confidence and sexy charisma to drive you forward till late August.

And with Mars opposite Saturn by the New Moon of July 18th, the discipline to focus all this personal power with the clear focus you adore.

Including Saturn in your partner sector, for the emotional discipline to be passionate with healthy commitment involved.

And with this Moon in your social sector, totally attuned to the cultural zeitgeist and friends around you, for the buzz of networking with the people who get you. All sorts of relationships thrive with this Moon!

Image: unable to find original credit, for this beautiful picture.

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