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Venus in your career sector this month turns you on with creative inspo, professional glamour, bang-on branding for your biz and charming the hell out of professional relationships. Perfect time to shine, with a lovely sense of fulfilling purpose in the world.

So your ruler Mercury in your career sector trine Saturn in your work sector, June 2nd feels pretty good, to begin the month with a sharp focus on effective professional progress. Saturn retro allows you to review your current gig (is it working for you?) and health/lifestyle choices (are they in line with that optimum wellbeing thing you do so well?). By all accounts you should be diligently on point with the Virgo plan…

But also poor Saturn is caught between Pluto & Neptune this month, just as he’s trying to get your act together:

Pluto retrograde, in your talent/fun sector is a burning desire to feel the buzz of creative expression. Not so much for any practical purpose, more so transformative new ways of doing what you are brilliant at, and having a good time with whatever pleasures make you feel alive. Exciting stuff, but as I said not necessarily pragmatic (sorry Saturn).

Neptune retrograde in your love sector wants to lose yourself in love. Whether this is gorgeous soulmate bonding, with someone special or batshit crazy crushing on someone unavailable -could go either way with slippery Neptune, and pays to tell the difference! But in any case is pretty distracting from practical concerns (sorry Saturn).

So ha, is quite the balancing act, to be on fire with the passions that excite you, whilst keeping it real, sustainable and in line with material security -thank you Saturn for keeping it grounded huh?

And the Full Moon of the 14th activates Pluto in your talent sector, opposite clever Mercury and productive Ceres in your social networking sector. You really care about what you do and you’re good at it, the better to get involved with the crew who support you, and have a good time showing off your brilliance in the world. How fun!

Then the New Moon of the 29th, in your introverted soul sector trines Jupiter turning retro in your sex/intimacy sector. A lovely moment to look within for emotional clarity, not so much worry about some lover who is temporarily wonking out, know what I mean?

Image: Ginta-Lapina by Greg Kanel


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