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So lucky Jupiter dithering, retrograde on the cusp of your love sector all month promises so much fab growth relationship wise.. but also certain conversations are taking their sweet time to advance. It might be early 2021 until current romantic potential/partnership dynamics reveal their full potential. It’s a process, and right now unconditional love, with plenty of emotional oxygen to understand one another without forcing the issue works a treat..

Especially the big love action of July, Mars/Venus conjunct on the 14th is in your mystical soul sector. It’s all about knowing that true soulmates have an exquisitely subtle emotional/spiritual communion going on. You don’t always have to spell it out verbally; you can basically read each other’s minds, and sometimes a special look or sharing your secret dreams can speak a thousand words about your connection.

And because actually you know in your bones, with Jupiter preparing to move back into your 6th house, that getting your practical act together is key for the rest of the year right?

I mean the 6th house of work ethic, attention to detail and healthy, wealthy & wise wellbeing is your home turf -you adore being onto it in terms of living well! And with Saturn there for ages you have the correct discipline in place to finesse the life plan; which Jupiter will amplify from August with plenty of vitality and exciting dreams to manifest in the world. Yes, that you can share the journey with your loved ones for a good time together -especially from next January onwards.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 10th in your social sector is opposite empowering Pluto in your talent & fun sector. So you’re really enjoying playing with your crew, for fun & also it’s nice to feel the nurturing embrace of your tribe. It’s not just our lovers that make us feel special -as lovely as that is, it’s also nice to stay connected with our friends to give us a broader perspective on our positive qualities. And maybe show off a bit on the scene, maybe even advantageous networking opportunities to progress in the world…

Especially by the Full Moon of the 24th in your 6th house; with savvy professional progress and healthy habits, for a work/life balance that feels good.


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