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So the big Jupiter/Saturn alignment of Jan is in your favourite, healthy wealthy & wise sector of work, due diligence on the day job & physical wellbeing, with your clever ruler Mercury involved to finesse the process as follows:

Jupiter stirs up a restless itch to shake up the status quo, especially square explosive Mars/Uranus inspo in your vision sector. You are basically so over the tedium of the daily grind, which is saying something for such a methodical creature who thrives on routine-but you know you’ve got big dreams to chase beyond the basics of bourgeois, day job expectations/paying bills etc & ready to take a risk on doing stuff that actually turns you on…

But then again disciplinarian Saturn is involved, and you of all people get that a tight schedule, tidy environment & admin under control actually serves your brilliant success in the world right? A lean, mean, clean body, mind & work ethic liberate you to focus on the big picture with maximum efficiency & manifest the exciting life you want to live -excellent!

Because the New Moon of the 13th is driven by Pluto power & gorgeous Venus in your talent sector, to dig deep into your natural creative prowess & do something awesome with it. It’s kind of challenging to push yourself toward your full potential, to nail the life goals that matter. And also the thrill of playing with your spunky charisma & self-expression, just for fun & healthy lust for life. Yay January is so your time to shine & enjoy the simple fact of being your true, authentic self -beautiful.

Meanwhile Venus trine Mars around the 10th is sweet romantic chemistry, to bring this confidence to your love life. Especially with Venus in your playful romance sector all month, your vivacious, flirty charm is more likely to be appreciated. Could be making quality time with your someone special, to renew the spark. Or if single the thrill of very unexpected attractions, that may or may not be practical but could be such a buzz!

Then by the 29th Venus on Pluto reveals a deeper dimension, next level passion if you are dealing with a connection you want to explore more fully?

Also the Full Moon of the 29th triggers lucky Jupiter in your work sector, so nice time to pick up on whatever professional goals allow for your most enjoyable, dolce vita lifestyle. Nice one.

New Year Resolution: My famous fusspot, perfectionist discipline continues to serve me well, to nail my brilliant dreams & goals. But also I realize its enough to simply play & have fun, just because I can & the life affirming buzz of enjoying simple pleasures every day.

Image: Gemma Ward


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