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The Full Moon of Feb 6th in your soul sector, is an opportunity to look within. As such a sensitive creature, you appreciate a moment to tune into your own magic, away from the white noise of the world. With a spiritual/creative practice that brings you peace within yourself.

The better to look outside of yourself, into the world with clear eyes:

With Venus in your partner sector square Mars in your biz sector, just in time for this Moon. Focus on loving romance in your personal life, and vocational ambition in the world -to bring you out of your shell this month.

Your ruler Mercury conjunct Pluto around Feb 10th, in your play/talent sector helps. To the extent Pluto brings raw self expression, revealing your most powerful creative instincts; Mercury brings your natural discernment, to clarify what you’re on about and finesse your most efficient creative process. Or maybe Pluto brings a hot flirtatious moment, loaded with sexual promise; partly because Mercury has your clever seductive wiles so on point?

So speaking of romance:

Venus/Neptune in your love/partner sector, Feb 16th has such idealistic notions thrilling your romantic soul. With slippery Neptune there can be a fine line between communing with your soulmate with exquisite devotion, or blurring boundaries where you are so empath psychic with one another-requiring clear communication, to delineate each other’s actual point of view? Or actual, batshit crazy delusional attraction that just does your head in?

Luckily Jupiter conjunct the healer Chiron, in your 8th house of sex/intimacy keeps it honest. If a positive connection makes you both feel good, it thrives with honest, caring, mutual adoration. And yes, it’s more likely to be happening now!

Or of you’re better off scoring emotional space, to assess some entanglement with that detached, discerning eye you do so well? Your emotional intelligence will alert you, with an overwhelming desire for a moment of emotional freedom…

Cue the New Moon of Feb 20th, in your love/partner sector. Conjunct Saturn in your health sector; to evaluate how your partner/lover actually makes you feel, in terms of emotional wellbeing? Or if single, get your story straight, about whatever love potential you would like to manifest?

I mean Venus in your 8th house for this Moon is pretty sexy, so you may well have a gorgeous passion going on about to turn up; and get healthy emotional dynamics to make it work beautifully!

Because Saturn is preparing to spend 2 ½ years in your love/partner sector from March, so this Moon could be a clue about the quality of real commitment, coming up?

And speaking of vocational ambition:

Mercury/Pluto mid month reveals your innate talent. And Saturn finishing a few years in your work sector, reminds you how much solid discipline you’ve been cultivating lately, to get seriously good at what you do. You’re feeling pretty self assured by now, because you’ve bloody worked for it!

Yay, the better to enjoy Mars in your career sector, finally charging forward. Fab momentum to chase success feels so right, yes you’re ready to thrive in a way that feels true to yourself.

Image: Uma Thurman for Richard Avedon.


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