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So your ruler Mercury, into your 5th house from Dec 2nd is such a fab way to begin the month. The 5th is your play sector.

Having a good time, with whatever life affirming fun turns you on. Playing with the creative process, to work your natural talent to best advantage. The better to show the hell off in the world. And sweet romance.

So Mercury shows up here, to reveal your clever, discerning instincts about all this:

As much as you are an earth sign, who enjoys physical pleasure, I guess you can be a lush at times. Also do admit you tend to thrive more when you choose a clean lifestyle, and pleasures that allow you to radiate positive wellbeing. Mercury helps, to make good choices about this.

Also flashes of inspiration, about your creative genius. Even just for the intellectual stimulation, of entertaining brilliant ideas, this is such a buzz! And as such a practical sign, you love being productive in a tangible sense, to manifest whatever you’re on about.

Because you’re preparing for Pluto into your home turf, the practical 6th house from next Feb. A rush of energy, to replenish your life force and determination to thrive at work and productive habits coming up. The cliché of healthy, wealthy & wise lifestyle choices, work ethic and wellbeing-you’re about to fully embrace!

Ok and meanwhile, Mercury brings your best flirty wiles, to do with romantic action. Do admit your seductive style is about clever verbal repartee-as a pre-requisite/foreplay for any physical attraction going on.

Especially Mercury into the 5th exactly sextile Saturn, in your love sector where Neptune has just turned direct! All about magical soulmate vibes & true love, with Virgo critical thinking and subtle intelligence, to check if the heart flutters are to be trusted. Know what I mean?

If you have a partner, primo time to talk about the things that matter between you, to finesse the quality of commitment. Or pillow talk with your lover, could be revealing. Or playing with some will-we-wont-we crush…flirty banter is be fun, maybe evaluating if the chemistry is real?

Then the New Moon of Dec 13th in your actual home sector, the 4th house of domestic & family vibes. With Mars & Ceres conjunct, square Saturn & Neptune in your love sector:

You have the passion, nurturing instincts and willingness to commit to the people you really care about. And more likely to be cherished in return, with mutual devotion. How lovely!

Also your famous, prickly boundaries arc up big time-any fuqer trying to gaslight or control you, feels your ice-cold disdain at warp speed!

Your relating skills are particularly on point here, with your closest tribe.

Ok then your ruler Mercury retro, from Dec 23rd. This could be a brief, tricky phase, until Mercury direct from early Jan. I mean trine Bitch Lilith in Virgo, you have choices:

Could drive yourself crazy, overanalysing everything you do-pitting your normal human flaws & various delays going on around you, against the perfectionist Virgo standards, you set for yourself? Frustrating much? Or maybe embrace your unique brilliance, with all the beautifully human shadow and light involved. For the fuq-off confidence to just be you, no matter what. And humility to finesse the details as you go, with that exquisite attention to detail of yours.

Just in time for the Full Moon of the 27th in your social sector. Opposite Mercury, conjunct Mars. You’re all about doing your own thing on your own terms, better to appreciate the crew who adore you for it. Strutting about on the scene, with lovely friends who get you-feels so good.

Ready for Jupiter direct from Nov 30th, in your expansive 9th house. Permission to chase your wildest dreams, that you’ve been working at.

Image: Ivana Tomic

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