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So Mars in Virgo, from July 10th till late August; has your physical vitality, personal confidence, sexy charisma and lust for life on fire right now!

And joined by your clever ruler Mercury, for August. For that subtle, discerning attitude you do so well-to be intelligent about where you direct all that life-affirming, passionate desire to thrive this month.

Beginning with the Full Moon of Aug 2nd, in your home turf-the practical 6th house:

I mean after a sneak preview of Pluto in your 6th, for the last few months. You’ve got a handle on cleaning up your act, as you love to do by fully interrogating your healthy daily habits, work ethic and where you can afford to embrace transformative personal growth?

This Full Moon is a great chance to listen to your own instincts; about optimum physical wellbeing as well as working whatever gig brings the most fulfilling job satisfaction.

Especially with Venus retro conjunct Bitch Lilith in your soul sector, where the Sun is opposing this Moon. Incandescent clarity, as you work out your creative and spiritual priorities, could be the driving force of professional and lifestyle decisions here. Maybe puritanical discipline? Or realising you need to give yourself a break, to replenish your energy by taking the time to look within?

And Pluto back into your 5th house of playful self expression, until next Feb. The creative buzz of digging deep, to discover what you’re really good at, that has been turning you on for the last several years…is now ready to be finessed for the rest of the year.

Yes on the one hand, you love the discipline to perfect your talent to professional advantage, with the satisfaction of personal accomplishment.

On the other hand, it's nice to play with whatever creative ventures you are passionate about. Because of the personal growth that comes with expressing yourself, with raw authenticity. And because it feels so good to do life affirming stuff -just for fun!

Also Pluto triggers your flirty wiles, with sexy charisma. And aspect Venus, lingering in your soul sector. You are more inclined to connect with a lover with whom you share spooky, soulmate recognition.

Maybe dating brings someone more magical/promising than usual? Maybe special moments with your partner-to rekindle the powerful magic between you?

I mean Mercury in Virgo exactly opposite Saturn in your love/partner sector, for the Full Moon of August 2nd. Is supreme focus on the quality of how you communicate with your special someone.

This could be about navigating any power-trippy dynamics? Mars in Virgo could have you coming across more aggro than you realise -or in fuq-off reactive mode, if your lover vibes control freaky?

Ideally you choose sweet talk, and intelligent conversations to work through any tetchy issues. It’s all about the quality of commitment, with healthy boundaries that come with clear, honest dialogue.

Then the New Moon of August 16th, in your soul sector conjunct Venus & Bitch Lilith. Sync Mercury & Mars in Virgo:

You kind of want to have wildly stimulating, emotionally revealing conversations with the people you care about. And you kind of want to hide out, communing with your creative muse sans listening to the white noise of other people’s bullshit? Hmmm, it’s a fine line; to honour your own private time as well as choosing carefully who you reveal yourself to, because loving connection matters.

Image: Jean-Baptiste Mondino


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