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The New Moon of April 1st, in your sex/intimacy sector is beautifully conjunct the healer Chiron. To address any sensitive issues with your lover, with exquisite vulnerability & mutual empathy. Anything that comes up right now, even if it triggers old wounds, can be ameliorated by the fact that you both really care.

Especially with your clever ruler, Mercury involved. You get to talk about it-in great detail lol! I mean lucky you are such a chatterbox, and all about verbalising everything.

Maybe sweet pillow talk to bond more deeply, or revealing secret feelings with subtle hints/flirty repartee/cryptic messages, or long winded Us Talks to forensically figure out the relationship dynamic? One way or the other, emotionally intelligent communication works a treat here.

And the rare, divine Jupiter/Neptune conjunction this month is in your love/partner sector, so that’s handy. This is more soulmate vibe, for a broader, spiritual perspective on your special love connection:

Neptune is spooky, mystical, almost telepathic mutual fascination -you understand a lover more deeply, or a new attraction feels almost destinal. You could almost lose yourself in one another-so you might want to watch that, with enough clarity to tell the difference between romantic intoxication and genuine love; with those discriminating instincts of yours.

Jupiter is the confidence to embrace the big love going on right now, because it just feels so right. You are dealing with meaningful romance; where the more you give each other space to thrive individually, the more you explore the fab, expansive potential of your journey as a couple. Sans tedious expectations etc, know what I mean?

Meanwhile the Venus/Mars relationship magic, of the last 2 months is finishing conjunct Saturn, in your work/health sector early April. I guess with Saturn it’s all about personal discipline.

As in focused on your healthy lifestyle priorities, with a clear mind & organised schedule, the better to make quality time with your loved ones as you go. Which luckily is your natural thing; as opposed to the Neptune temptations to being scatty/out of it, where your peeps don’t know what the fuq you’re on about?

So romance wise, maybe you share focused intentions with your partner, to build a good life together. Or if single, so much more likely to meet someone promising at work/the gym/daily routine -with an attraction based on whatever cool, productive stuff you’re busy with right now.

Also this is brilliant for harmonious, effective, savvy professional relationships; which require the same level of focused intention. Especially the Full Moon of the 17th, in your income/money/biz negotiation sectors, trining practical Saturn in your work/day job sector. So good, to monetise all that discipline you are pulling together.

Image: unicornmania


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