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Virgo Full Moon, exact 10.40pm, March 7th AEDT. To the extent Full Moons reveal whatever emo has been brewing lately; in Virgo we are usually very precise about our needs, how we are required to look after the people around us and crystal clear emotional boundaries as we go. So we are exquisitely caring with our loved ones, whilst practising healthy self care on an emotional & physical level. We have to be supremely well, to be of service to others, right?

Also gah, we do tend to stress about every single detail in Virgo. It's like managing the things we can control feels SO good -but any remotely chaotic circumstances, or trying to trust the great unknown really ruffles our feathers.

We want the satisfaction of elegant discipline paying off, in practical ways we can manage, for life to make sense.

Especially as this Full Moon has the Sun loosely conjunct slippery, magical Neptune, and trine radical Uranus in Taurus. So we are acutely aware of the fine line; between being discombobulated by unexpected developments/our own intense sensitivity as an anxiety response -or embracing our mysterious, genius intuition that is able to embrace the tremendous opportunities to evolve right now.

Because here's the thing. Virgo ruler Mercury in Pisces is conjunct Saturn, as Saturn passes over the cusp of Pisces just a few hours after this Moon is exact. The most practical, highly disciplined planet commencing 2 years in dreamy, visionary Pisces, bang on the Virgo Full Moon is awesome! Perfect astro to finesse the skill of rising above the white noise of external chaos/our own tendency to obsess over trivial details; the better to focus our precise attention on the really important imperatives calling our name. We become more spiritually & creatively aware of the beautiful dreams we can actually manifest (as hare brained delusions drop away); and realise we have the fortitude to back ourselves up and make meaningful stuff happen. Excellent!

Happy Virgo Full Moon folks, it's a powerful one x

Image: unable to find original credit for this lovely picture.


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