So I've been talking lots about Venus lingering in Capricorn, from Nov till March -a rare, extended opportunity to get our elegant, disciplined, classy love/romance vibe, creative/ biz skills & public glamour on point.

But then again Venus retrograde, since Dec 21st might have been cramping our style with thwarted/delayed scenarios to get our gorgeousness happening dammit. Of course this was just a chance to do quality control on our relationship dynamic, finesse the details in art & business and generally get our high-end act together. I mean it might have been a tad frustrating; but so worth it to be lean, mean, integral & intentional in such a sexy way...

So how good is Venus direct this week, to be cruising forward with much more gratifying , tangible, Capricorn success action until the end of Feb...yay let's embrace it!

And Venus direct, hooking up with Mars from early Feb till April is HOT for our mating/dating love lives....stay tuned for a super seductive few months coming up...ooh la la

And lots more detail for your sign, to enjoy the love action coming up with the February mating season horoscopes here.