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So with my series of trashy Venus dating posts I've been doing, to entertain us as dystopia rolls on, we have Venus in Taurus from April 15th-May 9th 2021; and if Venus in Taurus had a dating profile?

Look I'm not gonna lie, its all about food & sex. I mean lol, I could begin with my deep & meaningful relationship goals, but frankly if we don't have good times in the bedroom & kitchen it's probably not going to work...

I know Scorpio has the sex maniac reputation, but that's just from people who haven't dated me yet! I'm not so much about sister Scorpio's complex psychosexual mystery; more good old fashioned healthy, quality lovemaking for delicious pleasure and sustainable hot chemistry, to turn each other on long time. And just so you know I am supremely, exquisitely skilled in that dept -as you might be lucky enough to discover if we get along hmmm?

And in my opinion great bedwork is as good a foundation as any for proper commitment; I mean it's the place we really get to know who each other are, be emotionally real & cultivate authentic, honest connection. Because if we become a functional couple I can do proper long term-I am stable as fuq, love emotional security and a reliable love you long time gal!

And food. I can do superb gourmet wine & dining or lazy mac n cheese on the couch, either way I love to eat! So ideally you can get around the kitchen as well as me, for good times enjoying the finer, yummy things in life & maybe make sexy eyes at each other over the dinner table -ooh la la.

So seeking a great lover, good cook, do-right commitment dude to enjoy sexy times, comfy compatibility and if it works, have each other's back no matter what.

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