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I'm a bit behind on my series of trashy Venus dating posts I've been doing, what with holiday season & launching my Tarot App. But here goes, for Venus in Sag from Dec 15th 2020-Jan 8th 2021, which we've been feeling for the last few weeks... so if Venus in Sag had a dating profile?

Look I would normally be too busy swaggering around the world, meeting cool people to worry about dating sites, but frankly I'm impatient with the lack of travel options & how many people are emotionally stuck in lockdown times etc, so thought I would put it out..

I'm seeking a wild child, free thinking partner in crime to embrace an exciting, adventurous, meaningful life together. I still believe in magic, bohemian thrills & joyful, expansive living despite dystopia & would love to meet someone with enough lust for life & rebellious spunk to turn me on & share the journey with a wildling, open heart.

I would ideally like to travel the world, spend time in nature, make raw, passionate love in the wilderness, spend hours debating philosophy in exotic bars, have a real good time & also try to save the world as we go with environmental/social activism etc. And maybe fall deeply in love as well -lets see how that goes?

I mean I'm capable of big, unconditional love & romance if the magic happens but also, fair warning, kind of commitment phobic in the meantime. As a free spirit I require a LOT of emotional oxygen to thrive, so you hopefully get that, without vibing all neurotic & needy as we get to know each other! I desire a committed, real, loving relationship with long term potential to also have enough space to do our own thing. If you're into this, let's see if we can get it on?

Image: unable to find original credit for this cool picture.


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