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So with my series of trashy Venus dating posts I've been doing, to entertain us as dystopia rolls on, we have Venus in Pisces from Feb 25th-March 22nd 2021; and if Venus in Pisces had a dating profile?

Look being a cosmic wild child I usually trust destiny to bring my lovers to me with spooky synchronicity, but hey my tarot cards said I need to be more proactive; so here I am inviting a special someone to dream up magical love action with.

Yes I am a dreamy seeker of rapturous romantic thrills. I like the mystery of the first date, with flirty eye contact to tease out the attraction- I tend to play enigmatic for a while, so if you are chasing instant commitment or banal sex hook up I am already bored. I mean I don't mind a fling as long as it's exciting & an element of fantasy to keep me intrigued-we could have fun for a memorable, incandescent moment, that I can write poetry about later or whatever. So if you just want to play ok, but you better be fascinating & next level turn me on!

Because ideally I prefer to chase true love. My emotional needs run deep, and ok kind of complex. I would like the be the mermaid enchanting you with my divine, intoxicating wiles -are you the brave sailor who can dive into my delicious mystery & explore something wild, weird & wonderful together? And if we do fall in love, I may always do your head in with my strange ways but also will equally give you unconditional love for exactly who you are. I'm not into suffocating expectations, so my endless compassion & gentle understanding could heal your heart, if you're into that kind of thing?

Let's have a glass of champagne on the beach, share our crazy dreams with one another & see where it goes huh?

Image: unable to find credit for this wonderful picture.


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