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Venus in Libra from Oct 28th-Nov 22nd; and in the spirit of the trashy dating posts I'm doing this year to entertain us through dystopia fatigue -if Venus in Libra had a dating profile?

Look with my natural charm, flirty wiles & good looks, I wouldn't normally be on dating sites-I mean not bragging just I can't help it, I'm kind of in demand & normally beating them off with a stick or juggling a full dating schedule the rare times I'm single.

But I guess with Mars retrograde recently, the kind of alpha seductive lovers I normally go for are suddenly nervous to make the first move, or busy working on themselves. Which is fine I understand, but meanwhile love is the drug & I need to score -and as I'm all for romantic equality I don't mind putting it out there to attract someone special, and do the work to cultivate classy, mutually satisfying relationship skills as we go...

What I require is romantic thrills! Seeking a smooth, stylish lover who can whisper sweet nothings in my ear, bring me flowers, write/txt me poetry, take me out on the town, wine & dine me & generally make love a sparkly, beautiful thing. And I will absolutely reciprocate to thrill & turn you on too, I am quite the considerate, skilled lover and love to love big time...

But if you're just after a banal, physical hook up or emo whingeing about your ex or whatever don't bother, I'm already bored.

And if we do get along with sparky, fun chemistry I can totally go all the way to full blown commitment! I mean everyone thinks I just want to settle down & get married because I'm so good at it... yes true but only if the compatibility is on point in the first place -let's start with an exciting hot date huh?


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