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So with my series of trashy Venus dating posts I've been doing, to entertain us as dystopia rolls on, we have Venus in Gemini from May 10th-June 2nd 2021; and if Venus in Gemini had a dating profile?

Look I'm not gonna lie I'm complicated, so trying to define my many romantic moods in one dating profile is tricky -but here goes.

I love being in a relationship and I'm good at it. I enjoy companionship, company, flirty repartee, smart conversation and getting to know what makes my lover tick mentally -so I'm actually interested in who you are & not just using you for convenient sex etc.

I am a brilliant conversationalist, endlessly fascinating and expect you to be just as intelligent! Because let's face it stupid bores me to tears, and will lose interest at warp speed if you drone on about dreary emo issues or the silent treatment when you're having a tantrum or whatever.

But then again I do reserve the right to go awol every now & again -because I'm a busy lady with people to see & things to do. I have a packed social calendar and lots of interests to keep up with, and ideally you also have a life and can handle this?

So I can do long term relationship, cos I dig exploring one another's many facets as we get to know each other, as a verbally expressive chick who is great at healthy communication and appreciate who each other are.

But also I have a short attention span at times, and won't be suffocated with heavy expectations. And I might play hard to get for a while when we first meet, to keep it interesting. Ok I might always play hard to get on some level-but that's what will thrill you the most about my intriguing allure. At least I'll never bore you!

And even if we don't work long term I don't mind a memorable fling -as long as we don't cramp each other's style whilst we suss each other out, and keep it exciting we could turn each other on & have some fun...


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