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So with my series of trashy Venus dating posts I've been doing, to entertain us as dystopia rolls on, I'm still behind schedule because you know, life is weird. So Capricorn Venus from Jan 9th-Feb 1st 2021, and if Venus in Capricorn had a dating profile?

So I've been busy being my best self & reaching my full, successful potential in the world. Which has kind of kept me too busy for romance -and now seeking someone just as onto it to share my brilliant journey with.

Just so you know I have extremely high standards about pretty much everything, which extends to my love life. I like to shine in the world with full integrity, and require a mate who can meet me as an equal match. I mean let's face it, I am an ambitious bitch and hopefully you can keep up?

My ideal relationship is highly committed, focused on shared goals but also respectful & supportive of one another's personal ambition. A power couple to take on the world!

And enjoy the finer things in life together, hopefully in luxurious surrounds -no cheapskate dates please, I do like to be wined & dined after a hard day getting ahead. And speaking of pleasure, I'm a classy lady & probably won't put out on the first date (sleazebags look elsewhere), but if we take the time to fascinate one another romantically and IF you earn my trust; once I defrost I am quite the ardent lover & will literally love you long time.

No random hook ups please -I am after a connection that can stand the test of time & keep it real. I may not be the fluffy romance type, but can do long term devotion if you are willing to earn it?


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