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So with my series of trashy Venus dating posts I've been doing, to entertain us as dystopia rolls on, we have Venus in Aries from March 22nd-April 15th 2021; and if Venus in Aries had a dating profile?

Ok so I've been happy flying solo recently (I'm good at single independence), especially with the world going crazy I haven't had the patience for the weirdos out there. But you know, with Venus in my sign on caring Ceres I feel like some good loving -so here goes.

I am a sexy fireball, I know what I want and not scared to put it out there. Because I am so independent I require someone who also has a life, so we can share good times in between doing our own thing. Mutual respect, to accept one another for who we are is a thing for me!

Because I am so turned on by someone who is actually my equal. I get excited by the frisson with someone just as spunky who appreciates my passionate vibe, with blazing mutual chemistry; and also able to stand up to me when I am being too belligerent -cos yeah, I can be a brat sometimes lol. So ideally you don't get all weird when I fire up, cos you can hold your own & damn we could have such hot bedwork, once we figure out our exciting attraction.

And if we do get it on, and then realise we are compatible long term? Excellent I am the most devoted, ardent & fiercely supportive lover to love you long time. Once we earn one another's love and can handle the sheer heat of being together, ongoing commitment is no problem for me... are you up for this or what?

Image;: the brilliant Stella Angelico


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