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So with my series of trashy Venus dating posts I've been doing, to entertain us as dystopia rolls on, here comes Venus in Aquarius from Feb 2nd-25th 2021; and if Venus in Aquarius had a dating profile?

Look I'm not gonna lie, I tend to play hard to get. Not because I'm into games-far from it I am probably the most brutally honest lover around. It's just that I need lots of personal space & have a lot going on in the world, so not really into suffocating emotional expectations. So everyone thinks I'm detached & just want casual sex, or that I'm celibate & only want to be friends-which is frankly getting boring either way. So I'm here looking for something more...

Because I like to do my own thing so much, everyone finds me too enigmatic & strange to deal with. Well ok I am kind of a weirdo, so seeking a partner in crime who is just as liberated & can handle my unique spin on romance. It helps to have as many interests as me, so you can entertain yourself & not lose your shizz every time I go walkabout unexpectedly or forget to call for weeks because I'm consumed by my latest random project- I mean sheesh, people can be so needy! Especially sexual jealousy doesn't work with me, I am completely truthful & won't be off playing around -I've got better things to do with my time.

Ideally I'm after a fascinating friend, where we can turn each other on with a meeting of minds & do cool stuff together, whilst we relish the exquisite romantic tension of maybe/maybe not hooking up. And then bam, if the physical chemistry ignites we have a real passion that means something! I know, I told you I was difficult to get close to, I actually enjoy drawing out the mental foreplay & first kiss for ages... rather than rushing into full blown intimacy/commitment just for the sake of it.

And if we do get sexy, I am hot as hell in a way that only comes out once we've earned each other's respect. Then if it works out, I desire the kind of commitment that comes with radical honesty to have plenty of space to do our own thing, because we have the trust and genuine loyalty to one another that works long term. Once I'm in I mean it!

If you're up for exploring a different kind of love, let's get in touch & spark up a beautiful, promising friendship?

Image: Gorgeous Aqua Paul Newman & his lifetime love Joanne Woodward.


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