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New Moon in Sagittarius coming up, exact 5.43pm Dec 4th, AEDT. New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective; and in Sag usually to do with how to get as much personal freedom & express our feelings as honestly as possible. And it's a Total Solar Eclipse, a rare chance to embrace our truth with RADICAL authenticity...

Especially with Mercury on this Moon, we are thinking deeply about what really matters to us -in terms of our most cherished principles, that we feel with primal emotional intelligence. And how to live accordingly, in the broadest, most expansive way possible for optimum personal growth & exploring new horizons in the world.

Especially opposite rebel Lilith; it's like if there was a freedom gene in human nature, to be true to ourselves & one another and remember our wildest, untamed spirit -it is fully activated by this Moon!

In our personal lives, we are turned on by the people & relationships that allow healthy space & emotional oxygen-the better to really love each other for who we truly are. Yes including Venus/Pluto action in randy Capricorn, for hotter chemistry than ever with our lovers; the more we can do the sexy, empowering vulnerability of keeping it real huh?

And in our public/work/social lives, let's face it there are heavy, weird restrictions & power trips feeling suffocating right now-with a barometric pressure whatever our opinion on the state of the world? And I'm just saying this Moon is a drastic clarification of where we stand one way or the other. Freedom to be rebellious, fuq the system/external judgement and chase our positive dreams no matter what is a wonderful vibe of this Moon -are we feeling the buzz of a better future right now?

Because now is time to look within, find our guiding light then walk our talk with full integrity-the better to respect one another's journey & come together to support each other as we go, as much as possible...

Wow feels like exciting times, happy Wild at Heart New Moon folks x

Image: Darby Lahger


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