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So as you may know, I have recently launched my new mobile app, the gypsy queen tarot oracle; and thank you to everyone who has downloaded it, I hope you have been enjoying mini Alberta-style readings. I would be keen to hear any feedback you might have?

It has been going well, but also it takes time to rise up the ranks in the appstore & google play to build exposure-and it has come to my attention that the most effective way to promote it is as many reviews and ratings as possible. So I am sending out a request for some App Love!!!

If you have downloaded the app, and enjoyed using it I would be super-duper, fabulously grateful if you would like to hop online & give me a rating and whatever review you feel is appropriate. And if you haven't had a look at the app yet, here is a cheeky reminder to go download it (is free download), and if you do like it leave a rating & review??

Sending big hugs & thanks for any App Love you would like to share...

And as a further gesture of gratitude for my clients out there, I would like to offer a 10% discount on any personal readings booked this month, in exchange for a review & rating for my app

Mwaaah thank you in advance, and sending big love gorgeous people xxx

Here is the link to download gypsy queen tarot oracle in appstore or google play

Blessings x

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