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New Moon in Taurus today, exact 1.21pm May 8th, AEST. To the degree New Moons are a fresh emotional perspective, in Taurus we get to tune into our emotional body, to connect with our most kinaesthetic feelings. Not so much analysing our situation, as trusting the embodied intelligence of our gut instincts. Taurus energy is kind of the ultimate realist, in this sense.

So it's beautifully grounding, to feel comfortable in our skin, with Venus conjunct this Moon. More likely to cultivate the realistic, lovely self acceptance, for healthy relationship with ourselves. And way more likely to have lovely, equally emotional intelligent loved ones in our lives, we can cultivate sweet connection with.

Could be gorgeous creative self expression, with manifesting magic we that turns us on? Could be harmonious relating vibes, with one another find a natural flow? And yes, maybe delightful romance blossoms, for the love affairs going on right now?

Also this Moon with Jupiter conjunct Uranus. And sync Bitch Lilith holding her own in Virgo, and mystical Neptune in Pisces.

A wildly expansive, positive vibe to blast us out of our comfort zone. It's all about radical personal growth, and liberating new ways to relate to one another. Yes pleasurable, immediate gratification is a thing right now-permission to embrace our bliss. And maybe even more satisfying, the character building determination to pursue our visionary goals-even when it gets challenging? Let's lean into the burn, of transforming into a more promising chapter coming up. Like phoenixes rising from the ashes, a radical new attitude could open so many wild & wonderful new scenarios in our lives...

Happy Taurus New Moon folks, lets embrace our most delicious potential xxx

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Image: the wonderful Danielle Noel.


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