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So the New Moon of the 7th is in your talent/creative/fun sector, on Mars for fab, dynamic new attitude to begin the month…

It’s all about knowing what you’re naturally good at, with a fresh perspective on the creative process; just because it feels so fantastic to get even better at what you do! Especially with Mars syncing your ruler Venus & Mercury in your work/day job sector trine Saturn & Jupiter in your biz sector; the flair/professional charisma/clever strategies & communication on the job work so well, if you happen to be chasing success in the world right now.

I mean ok Saturn & Jupiter retro in your biz sector could be delays in actual, tangible professional progress. But if you play your cards right, with an innovative attitude now you will be better placed to grab the momentum when they both turn direct mid-October. Not long till the opportunities you are currently working on get moving & your famous patience pays off-love your work!

Meanwhile this Moon is for good times, doing cool stuff you enjoy & quality time with loved ones, just because it feels so right to embrace the simple pleasures in life -you are the sign most likely to get this, of course.

Then Venus in your love sector from the 11th brings sweet romantic action. Any special attention coming from your partner, or an alluring new attraction turning up is all about the delightful buzz of mutual chemistry.

Then Venus opposite Uranus in your sign by the 23rd sparks up the energy considerably! Volatile passions rise up here; maybe thrilling seduction to turn each other on/a weirdly cool new love dynamic, to make the relationship work on fresh terms. Or maybe it all blows up and tantrums/tetchy dynamics revealed; which is liberating to clear the air whether you’re meant to be together or not?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 21st in your social sector is on magical Neptune. It’s a calling/desire to bond with the crew & friends who get what you’re on about; and how lovely it is to feel connected with like-minded community who share meaningful values. And/or an awareness that certain peeps are slippery/not on your wavelength and that’s ok too. I mean with lockdown nonsense, depending where you are in the world could be cramping your style on the scene; but somehow reveals the soul tribe who will still be there for you unconditionally-gold!

Image: Diana Ross


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