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Oct begins with your ruler Venus, in your 6th house of practical work/health strategies opposite positive Jupiter, retrograde in your dreamy 12th house. Kind of sets the tone for the month -the more tuned in to your inner, creative inspiration, the better you use your famous manifesting magic, to create a meaningful and productive lifestyle.

Cue the Full Moon of Oct 10th, on the healer Chiron in your 12th house, opposite Venus/Sun in your 6th house. A beautiful chance to work on holistic wellbeing.

As in a disciplined approach to cultivating healthy intentions, aligned with your spiritual values translates so naturally into positive daily habits, for a pleasurable and productive work/life balance.

This is classic, Taurus genius of course. You are the sign most likely to be comfortable in your skin, as you embody your dreams with a natural way of walking your talk in the world.

Enjoying a lush lifestyle, that others may envy? Well yes -you’ve worked for it, with a resourceful approach to moulding the life you actually want to live, as best you can in this crazy world -well done you!

And I mention the crazy world out there, as this Moon also syncs Uranus/Destiny Point in Taurus -you are fully cued into the wild, swiftly evolving cultural zeitgeist going on around you. So as someone shining, grounded in personal integrity amongst the madness as you do so well -everyone else is looking to you for guidance? Well yes, why not be an inspiring mentor, to share your genius around whilst it’s so on point, huh?

Meanwhile Mars in your 2nd house of personal wealth, for ages this year, has your innate brilliance at building material security fully activated. So you’re all over Mars trine Venus in your work sector and Saturn in your career sector Oct 18th:

Venus brings your most unique talent and creative, enterprising attitude to the day job. It’s all about optimising any gig or biz venture you genuinely enjoy -not so much money just for the sake of it, as job satisfaction & funding that lush lifestyle we were talking about.

Saturn brings a pragmatic eye to navigating any power trips in your professional world advantageously. With the steady work ethic and integrity to earn your place on the totem pole, so to speak.

Mars brings the confident, raw energy to monetise your ventures, in the cut & thrust of commercial viability.

So mid month is totally auspicious, to create a disciplined, lucrative & fulfilling work/life balance.

Then the New Moon of Oct 25th is a Partial Solar Eclipse, exactly conjunct your ruler Venus as she swans into your love sector. Such a gorgeous, fresh perspective on the Taurus love life:

Maybe renewing the sweet romance with your partner. A chance to forget about tedious domestic disputes/boring relational patterns if you happen to be in a rut? With the emotional intelligence to consciously make quality time together -to be lovers again, with whatever chemistry brought you together in the first place. Venus doesn’t care who did the dishes or whatever-she wants magnetic attraction, and chances are you guys have it going on, for this Eclipse.

Or if single/on the prowl in the dating scene? Sexy, alluring flirtations are so much more likely to turn you on, for the thrill of playful romantic potential. Could be fun? And if a particular, intoxicating crush is driving you mad with desire? Yes this could be fully reciprocated, maybe a promising romance is blossoming here…

Image: Ashley Graham for Lachlan Bailey, Vogue Paris


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