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The theme this month is Mars for Taurus mating season & Venus for personal freedom, which is actually a great combination:

I mean Uranus in your sign has you fired up with personal growth potential, so you’re only interested in an exciting relationship dynamic that doesn’t cramp your style. And Mars in your love sector from Nov 1st till mid December brings the kind of lusty, life-affirming love action to genuinely turn you on. Especially the New Moon of Nov 5th in your love sector, with Mercury approaching Mars; you get a brilliant new perspective on romance & committed partnership.

Yes Mars brings hot chemistry with your lover, ardent attention from whoever turns you on/maybe meeting someone sexy out of the blue-especially if you’re into men. Lots of fun for the buzz of getting amongst it on the dating scene and passionate moments with someone special. As the most famously skilled lover/pleasure seeking sign you adore this, of course.

Also the emotional intelligence to talk things through, mutual respect & figure out how to make a committed relationship work, beyond just getting along in the bedroom right? So wonderful, if you happen to be truly in love right now…

Then we have to talk about your ruler Venus, in your adventure sector from Nov 6th till early March! For the next 4 months you are so fired up to chase your wildest dreams & expand your horizons. This would often mean exciting travel plans to explore new horizons, but of course with the ridiculous state of the world this could be tricky. So you can also broaden your mind with higher education, a fabulous, visionary new biz/creative venture or into writing/publishing/teaching. And much more likely to be talented at what you do, enjoy a broader sphere of influence and appreciated for your creative genius. Nice one!

Especially with Saturn & Jupiter recently direct in your career sector, after tedious retrograde mid 2021 -you are so excited to be picking up your professional game right now. Jupiter inspires meaningful goals, with full confidence in your professional potential doing what you believe in. And Saturn brings the sustained discipline to make it happen, which of course is your forte-being such a famous, steady success-machine workhorse when you are onto a promising project right?

Extra-specially the Taurus Full Moon, partial eclipse of Nov 19th. Square Jupiter, syncing transformative Pluto in your adventure sector and Mars in your love sector opposite Uranus in your sign. This is fantastic astro to come to terms with how powerful you are; to hold your own in the world because you are courageous enough to walk your talk with integrity -and keep your relationships equally honest huh? Well done you.

Image: Manuela Vargas

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