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So Mars in your soul sector for ages this year has already been an exercise in restraint, as in your most primal urges & desire nature have not so much been seeking literal, physical satisfaction externally; which dammit has been challenging for such a pleasure loving, tactile creature as yourself. It’s been more about self-mastery, and looking within to find your internal locus of power on dare I say it a more spiritual, cosmic level?

So Mars retro for the last few months, all about delayed gratification in favour of finessing deeper, meaningful intentions has been doing other sign’s head in but you’re already onto the zen equanimity required here huh? And Mars direct from Nov 15th is a nice affirmation that you are tuned into your primal potency- & getting ready to flex it with spunky authenticity in the world when Mars hits your sign from January…

Because also lucky Jupiter exact on Pluto in your adventure sector is firing up your lust for life, and with Uranus/Lilith in your sign inspiring personal re-invention; you’re so ready to do whatever transformative work is required on your broader, expansive life plan to get out there & live large. So the tension between realising your full, brilliant potential & having to chill & bide your time to act on it is your superpower right now!

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 15th, joining Mercury in your partnership sector opposite Uranus/Lilith could trigger some revealing, game changing love dialogues –which become even more romantic with Venus involved from the 22nd. Lovers are more likely to want to talk about their feelings and you’re into it, for spunky, authentic connection to maybe bond more passionately… or even if it’s vibing tetchy you’re in the cut the crap mode, so at least any arguments etc clear the air for a fresh start one way or the other?

And if you’re on the dating scene/meeting someone new? It’s a spunky, intelligent meeting of minds that turns you on here, as much as the purely physical chemistry you generally favour lol. It’s worth getting your witty, sparky flirt game on as a seduction strategy, or maybe a random unexpected, fascinating conversation about politics/random shared interest whatever suddenly becomes flirty -you know you lock eyes mid sentence & bam it’s on!!

Image: from Ella Uzan


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