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So May begins with your ruler Venus into Taurus, to shine your gorgeous charisma in the world just as Mars into your spooky 12th house, to hide out in incognito mode. 

It’s an interesting paradox. To feel so ripe with raw talent, creative inspiration and beautifully desirable, so palpable you just know all the right people are noticing as you swan about the world. Also kind of secretive & enigmatic, craving the privacy to commune with your spiritual muse and scheme & dream in the background-sans any pressure to force progress just yet? Thus do you embrace your natural vibe-of steady, patient, creative manifestation on your own sweet terms. 

Especially the Taurus New Moon of May 8th.

Exactly sexile Saturn in your social sector. In a grand trine with Ceres in your expansive 9th house and Lilith in your 5th house of self expression. And between conjunctions with Venus, and Uranus/Jupiter in Taurus: 

Your creative output is so deliciously radical and on point, to activate the people who get what you’re on about. And accept that you aint gonna please certain bourgeois expectations/whoever thinks you’re batshit crazy or whatever, and that’s ok. As I’ve been saying for ages now-your famous comfortability in your own skin has become less about drilling down on personal, comfy security and more about embodying your truth, to do with liberating individuation, that turns you on. And inspire the rest of us to right action in the world. So yeah, you’ve been doing the work & kinda couldn’t give a fuq about compromise right now, know what I mean?  

Because the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in your sign, exact last month is still radiating radically positive energy all May. 

Even as Jupiter cruises away from Uranus- into your home turf, the 2nd house of personal security & prosperity from May 26th…getting ready to manifest the hell out of your most positive intentions! 

Which makes Jupiter in the last degrees of Taurus, conjunct the Sun in your 2nd house-opposite the Full Moon in your 8th house of sex/money & intimate emotional entanglements of May 23rd so interesting: 

To the degree this Full Moon is about being emotionally authentic with your loved ones? Venus joins Jupiter in your sign, and Sun opposite the Moon-to activate your famous romantic/love charisma. You say what you mean with an open heart. Thus more likely to attract a lover/parter ready to be seduced by you emotionally, just as much as physical chemistry? And family/tribe more likely to appreciate your gorgeous honesty, to cultivate mutually supportive connection with your loved ones.  

And to the degree this Full Moon is about biz/financial negotiations? I tell you what, Venus into your 2nd house of personal prosperity, passing over the same point the Sun was for this Moon by May 26th, brings your professional charm & how to monetise your talent way up to speed! 

Especially this Full Moon exactly sync Pluto power in your brilliant career sector. Perfect to spot potentially lucrative professional opportunities…

Shmoozing the right people and win-win money magic, with whoever you are collaborating/working with works a treat. 

Followed by Jupiter, passing over the same fortunate  point by June 1st to really get the momentum going….

So we need to talk about lucky Jupiter in your 2nd house…from May 26th till June 2025. This is such a lush, abundant opportunity to move beyond your previous notions of security-to embrace a much more expansive sense of how freedom is your new productive energy, to support yourself independently, know what I mean? If you feel like you are entering a new era of wildly positive ways, to get better at the manifesting magic you are famous for-you are totally onto it! 

Happy birthday Taurus, feels so good to fill your cup in dark horse mode doing your own thing, even as you live & love large with glorious confidence about being you x 


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