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The New Moon of March 3rd in your social sector is on freedom loving Jupiter, and helpfully syncing radical Uranus in your sign, for a wild start to the month.

And by wild I mean discovering your most innovative, game changing attitude, and how this connects you with the tribe who get what you’re on about. To enjoy the buzz of connecting with the weird & wonderful cultural zeitgeist going on right now. And have a good time with dear friends, to inspire and turn each other on to fabulous new possibilities in life. So nice, to know the crew who have your back and help you to embrace your greatest potential.

And same goes for love. Because the mating season vibe from February continues, with Venus/Mars in exact, gloriously romantic embrace early March. Especially exact on Pluto for a primal, sexy energy to heat things up big time! Everyone is feeling it, and for you it’s in your 9th house of adventure, expansive personal growth and intellectual stimulation around exciting ideas.

So if partnered/in love already, you are brewing travel plans or audacious, exciting life goals to get excited about together. Also giving one another lots of space, to chase your own dreams, study/academic schemes etc, to celebrate each other’s unlimited personal/success potential. It’s all about wide open horizons, to grow as a devoted couple; more so than suffocating each other with heavy expectations, know what I mean?

And if single/on the prowl? So much more likely to meet someone hot way outside your comfort zone, doing stuff that widens your own horizons. As cliché as it sounds; doing something new & especially spending time in a different location than your usual stomping grounds stimulates your magnetic love mojo, to attract someone who could open your mind to wildly promising new romantic possibilities. Also if you happen to be academically inclined or chasing visionary, philosophical ideas- you could so bond with someone who shares your idealistic point of view. Yes, shared intellectual stimulation could suddenly turn into something much more sexy, at warp speed this month!

Then the Full Moon of the 18th is in your play/creative talent/show off sector -opposite inspirational Neptune & Jupiter in your social sector. Which means you get to have fun with whatever makes you feel good about yourself, in a life affirming way; and share it around, for maximum recognition from the crew who love what you’re on about.

And Mars/Venus also moving into your biz sector this month, suggest that all this attention could be worked to professional advantage, for successful outcomes from networking with the right people hmmm?

Image: Ella Uzan


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