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So the ultimate maverick, Uranus in your sign squaring off the ultimate control freak, Saturn in your career sector all March –Ha, what could possibly go wrong?

Especially with Mars revving up Uranus recently, your rebel heart is really stirred up to claim your wonderful unrestrained, bohemian stance in the world & fuq bourgeois expectations -yes. But then again Saturn wants you to play the game in the straight world, because status & success. Especially Saturn trine Mars & the Destiny Point in your earning sector by the 22nd, a savvy take on professional strategies could really pay off financially, so yeah there is that.

So I guess the fundamental tension this month is between being your true self and professional functionality/funding how to do your thing. I mean lucky Jupiter also in your career sector has presumably been firing you up to chase your dreams & do cool, meaningful stuff in the word that turns you on; so the trick is to enlist Saturn to work smart toward backing your higher goals, instead of expending the same energy maintaining some compromising, faux version of limiting security -know what I mean?

Then the Full Moon of the 29th helps, for particularly sharp professional instincts on the day job, and maintaining physical/emotional wellbeing & work life balance as you go.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 13th has a sparkly Venus/Neptune conjunction to light up your social life. This is where your brilliant charisma on the scene is shining bright; attracting all sorts of interest in what you have to say for inspired networking synergy, professional advancement, community involvement to create a better world or whatever role you want to play in the collective zeitgeist right now.

Including good times with friends just for fun, because sometimes its nice to play & enjoy the simple pleasure of hanging out with your crew. Yes but also Neptune can dial up party time to full on, intoxicated debauchery at warp speed –and do admit you can be entirely susceptible to indulgence lol, so maybe watch that.

And love- your ruler Venus on magical Neptune is exquisite, true soulmate connection but also can stray into tricky, delusional romantic fantasy, and gosh it can be a fine line right? Just a thought-if anyone is being a tad elusive right now, could it be you??

Image: fauxtale by Toree Arntz

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